Easybee Paper Microphones!

July 03, 2017

Easybee Paper Microphones!

Introducing... Easybee's Foldable Microphones.  I am in love with this amazing therapy tool!  Finally you get to say "yes" when that child asks if he can take home the plastic microphone that you have sent home before and never seen again.  I've tried cutting out a flat paper mic before for clients, and let me say that they are not very impressed. These foldable 3 dimensional mics on the other hand are another story. They look very realistic.  All of my students love them!  


Easybee Paper Microphones $1


I use the microphones with my little ones who are not talking or barely talking.  It is amazing how much will come out of their mouths just by using a mic.  I have parents tell me all the time about how the child was so much more vocal just by using the microphone.  I also use the microphones with older students working on narratives or even carryover of articulation.  Share with other therapist how you use a microphone in therapy. 

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