Articulation Talking Alligator- Mr. Snappy

Mr. Snappy, our Easybee Articulation Alligator with moveable tongue, makes articulation and tongue placement so much fun!  Children love to move and manipulate the alligator's tongue to represent a variety of sounds.  The Alligator comes with four tongue shapes.  Choose the tongue shape that helps address your target sound.  You can also work on moving the tongue forward and backward which is great for everything from /k/ and /g/ to an interdental lisp. Mr. Snappy will help you get that sound in a snap!

*This product is a digital download. Printing is required for tangible product. Assembly is required.  Purchase of the product is for a single user license.  See our Terms of Use for additional information.

• Latest version of Adobe Reader (free download at
• 8.5" x 11" regular paper or card stock
• Color printer or send to a print shop (e.g., Office Depot, Staples, etc.)
• Scissors


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