Oliver & Olivia Octopus - multisyllable word practice

Just print and fold to make Oliver and Olivia Octopus!   Oliver & Olivia Octopus for Multisyllabic Words is an adorable duo!  We added a quick list to help with multi-syllable word practice.  Super fun!


*This product is a digital download. Printing is required for tangible product. Assembly is required.  Purchase of the product is for a single user license.  See our Terms of Use for additional information.

* Instructions cover page 
* Color Printable Oliver Octopus 
* Color Printable Olivia Octopus
* Color Printable Tentacles
*3 & 4 syllable word lists

• Latest version of Adobe Reader (free download at www.adobe.com)
• 8.5" x 11" regular paper or card stock
• Color printer or send to a print shop (e.g., Office Depot, Staples, etc.)
• Scissors


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