/K/ Articulation Sentences Kitchen Cupboard Scene

Easybee's /k/ Articulation Kitchen Scene was designed for students who have mastered the /k/ with one or two /k/ words per sentence.  We find there is such a gap from sentence level to carryover.  Sentences with multiple target sounds really help bridge that gap.  Your students will have a fun time gluing the /k/ pictures on the kitchen scene while using a carries sentence such as, "Carly cooks turkey in the kitchen."  The activity includes 10 carrier sentences with 10 target words for each sentence.  Each sentence contains 3-6 /k/ words.... that is 100 sentences with 3-6 /k/words in each sentence!  Now that is a way to increase your number of trials in therapy. You will love charting progress on the included data sheet!  

*This product is a digital download. Printing is required for tangible product. Assembly is required.  Purchase of the product is for a single user license.  See our Terms of Use for additional information.



• Latest version of Adobe Reader (free download at www.adobe.com)

• 8.5" x 11" regular paper or card stock

• Color printer or send to a print shop (e.g., Office Depot, Staples, etc.)



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