Sir Slip Articulation Snake

Our clients love using the Articulation Snake to work on their /s/ sound!  We find it helpful with a variety of therapy strategies to elicit /s/. Here are a few... if working on making /s/ a long sound versus a stop sound, the child can pull the tongue out while making the sound to encourage a long sound.  If interdental production of /s/ is the problem, the client can push the tongue in the snake's mouth to encourage the correct production.  Both you and your client will love this visual tool to help with /s/.

*This product is a digital download. Printing is required for tangible product. Assembly is required.  Purchase of the product is for a single user license.  See our Terms of Use for additional information.

• Latest version of Adobe Reader (free download at
• 8.5" x 11" regular paper or card stock
• Color printer or send to a print shop (e.g., Office Depot, Staples, etc.)
• Scissors


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